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Redding Professional Medical Billing Specialist; Credentialing and Contracting Services

House Medical Billing Service LLC

Redding Professional Medical Billing Specialist; Credentialing and Contracting Services

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Medical Billing Company in San Francisco

House Medical Billing Service LLC is your source for professional medical billing programs. We take the hassle away from collecting your payments so you can focus on running your practice. Thanks to our attentive billing services, you never have to worry about receiving proper payments again.

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Comprehensive Medical Invoice Solutions

At House Medical Billing Service LLC, our goal is to be your number one choice for medical billing services. We have over 17 years of hands-on experience getting clients the compensation, they deserve. We can help healthcare professionals keep track of their medical bills and insurance claims with care and precision.

We go above and beyond to provide the most reliable and convenient billing service around. Apart from making sure we crunch the numbers accurately and taking all of your paperwork into account, we back it up with the utmost dedication to customer satisfaction.

No-Obligation Quotes On Billing Services

We understand the importance of weighing all of your options before hiring a medical billing specialist. Your practice is your livelihood, which is why you need to make sure you can completely trust your billing company to deliver you what you are owed. We strive to provide the most reliable and affordable medical billings solutions around, letting you focus on treating your patients rather than crunching the numbers.

We help put your worries to bed with our commitment to providing free and accurate quotes on our valuable billing processing. We give you the information you need to make an educated decision about who to trust with your claim reimbursements.

Medical Billing Company With 17 Years Of Experience

When you are trusting someone to look after your earnings, don't gamble with an unproven company. Instead, place your trust in an experienced team with an excellent track record.

You can always depend on us for:

  • Risk-free quotes
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff
  • Affordable rates
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Efficient and timely claim processing
  • Accurate payments
  • Extensive industry experience
  • And much more

Affordable Healthcare Billing Solutions

At House Medical Billing Service LLC, we are here to help your bottom line. We keep our rates reasonable and fair, so you can receive the compensation you are owed without increasing your overhead costs. We customize our services and prices to match your practice, so you can count on a tailored medical billing program that will meet all of your needs. We also provide the added benefit of increasing your office workflow by letting you and your staff focus on more pressing matters than processing timely claims.

Save Money by Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

By outsourcing your medical billing to us, you will start saving money almost immediately. Unlike your in-house team, we can submit large batches of claims at once. We work with multiple providers and manage a larger volume overall. In doing so, we’re able to cut down on the overall costs of billing service, and we pass those savings on to you.

Even beyond the fact that outsourcing will save your practice a lot of money, we take a lower percentage of claims paid out than other comparable medical billing services. We offer an affordable service that’s perfect for both small and large practices.

Improve Efficiency of Claims Collection

We help our clients get better returns because we are focused. We have one job: to make claims and get you paid. And because we work on the basis of a percentage of the claim, we have an enormous incentive to get you as much money as possible. We ensure our revenue stream at the same time as we ensure yours.

To do that, we focus on the efficiency of our services. Our team is committed to a detail-oriented approach that is fast, simple, and consistent. We are a responsive team that will process your claims fast—to get you paid!

Comprehensive Medical Billing Error Verification

We double-check all data and information related to the claims we submit before they get submitted. This careful process helps us to eliminate the possibility of incorrect claims and ensures that you receive the amount of money you deserve. Only after we have verified and confirmed that the claim is accurate and error-free, will we submit it to the proper insurance provider.

Ultimately, when you hire us to perform your medical billing, we’re not just processing the claims for you. We are your second set of eyes. We are an editor. We will get you paid.

Claims Follow-Ups for Faster Turnaround Times

We want to get your claims filed and closed as fast as possible. For us, the worst-case scenario is that you’re stuck waiting to get paid. That’s why we assign a specific agent to your file. This agent will continuously follow-up with and liaise with patients and insurance providers until the claim is completely closed. This can be a time-consuming job, and the last thing you want to do is waste your time and money, pursuing payments for a service already rendered.

Don’t wait around wondering if you’ll ever get paid. Hire House Medical Billing Service LLC to make sure that you do!

Secure Your Business with Medical Billing

We offer our clients accurate reporting on the status of their claims. In doing so, we will give you greater clarity over your finances and expected quarterly gains. We offer a safe and secure service that will improve the transparency of your operations and generate more revenue.

Build your business. Build your future. Call House Medical Billing Service LLC to provide secure and reliable medical billing services now.

Accurate Medical Billing Services

We work hard to be a medical billing agency that our clients can feel confident in. Our attention to detail and transparency mean that you are guaranteed trustworthy results when you allow us to look after your billing. Our vast experience dealing with insurance companies and advanced billing software will ensure that you are getting the full compensation for the work you provide.

Customized Medical Billing Management

No two medical practices are the same. We take this to heart here at House Medical Billing Service LLC, which is why you can count on getting a service that fits your needs. By taking the time to get to know our clients and their practice, we can adjust our services to fit their needs. Our personalized approach will be a valuable addition to your business. We will work as an extension of your office, so you can get the complete medical billing work you need without feeling like just another client to a billing company.

Monthly Billing Reports

By providing our clients with a full summary of activity throughout the month, you will have all the information you need regarding your finances. Our reports will include things such as:

  • Summary of payments
  • Procedures performed
  • Outstanding balances

Our detailed reports are easy to read overviews of your work from the last work and ensure that nothing is overlooked in terms of your billing.

Valuable Additional Services

Our full range of professional medical billing services is guaranteed to make your life easier. Not only do we offer comprehensive solutions for collecting payments, but we also back it up with a variety of additional services that you may find beneficial. Depending on your needs, we will be happy to go above and beyond to provide you with additional billing services.

We can provide:

  • Patient statement billings and collection of payments
  • Merchant accounts
  • Productivity and practice specific reports
  • Secure web form design
  • Miscellaneous requests, clerical needs, marketing ideas, and more

If you have any questions about the many ways in which we can accommodate your practice, we encourage you to reach out to us for more details.

Grow Your Business with Our Medical Billing Services

Our company's goal is to help medical professionals focus more on providing treatments and care and less time on administrative work. In fact, most of our clients report growth after the first year of our service, which points to the overall benefit of using us for your billing.

Protect Your Practice With A Superior Medical Billing Program

Protect your healthcare practice with comprehensive medical billing solutions from House Medical Billing Service LLC. We make sure you receive what you deserve for every insurance claim that you process. Our efficient and economical service will put all of your concerns to rest and let you focus on treating your patients.

Give us a call today at (530) 474-6094 for more information.