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Redding Professional Medical Billing Specialist; Credentialing and Contracting Services

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House Medical Billing Service LLC

Redding Professional Medical Billing Specialist; Credentialing and Contracting Services

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Redding Medical Billing Company , Medical Billing Services and Provider Credentialing

Located in Fairfield serving Redding and surrounding areas

Redding, Professional Medical Billing and Provider Support Services.

Located in Fairfield, CA specializing in Professional Medical Claim Billing Services, Provider Support Services; Credentialing and Contracting, Patient Collections, Insurance Claim Issues and is a full-service option for small to medium sized healthcare service providers.

House Medical Billing Service LLC providing Medical Claims, Credentialing and Contracting Services; a complete solution for your practice.

Since 2002, House Medical Billing Service LLC has provided professional medical billing services; submitting claims to most managed care and government payers in the industry; you can count on professionalism to support your practice, secure and improve cash flow and allow your practice to thrive and grow. We have recently expanded our scope of services to include Credentialing and Contracting Support so that you can spend even more time on patient care.


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With over 17 years of hands on experience, you can TRUST and DEPEND on House to help your practice thrive.



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All claims are processed accurately and timely. Electronic filing is always recommended and available for most insurance payers.


House Medical Billing Service LLC offers high levels of Customer Service at an affordable rate; customized to the size of your practice.

A successful practice with positive cash flow shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. We customize our services to meet the needs of each provider or practice. We are passionate about providing all clients the best possible service at an affordable price. By removing additional in-office overhead and hiring a reputable billing service like House Medical Billing Service LLC you can begin to grow your practice and spend more time on what's really important—helping your patients.

No matter what you've heard about billing services, House Medical Billing Service LLC is DIFFERENT and we are DEDICATED to providing 100% satisfaction and guarantee great outcomes for your thriving practice!

Why a Billing Service?

Having your own practice is challenging, but getting paid for what you do best shouldn't be. In order to get the best results possible, you need a company whose goal is to help you, not just earn a paycheck.

We have the ability to customize our services to meet your needs and at the same time save you money on overhead that you'd probably spend on an in-office staff person (wages, insurance, sick-time, etc). We work remotely as an extension of your practice to provide billings services and support functions that will save you from hours of paperwork.

It takes an experienced professional who knows how to communicate with insurance companies to ensure the highest possible percentage reimbursement. This can only be done through accurate claim creation, timely processing with the use of latest technology and time for follow-up which most in-office staff may lack.

We come from years of experience in communicating with all types of people; insurance companies, doctors, administrators and especially "your people", the patients who you care for. House Medical Billing Service has a passion to help people just as much as you do.


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Reduce overhead costs with services and fees customized to meet your practices budget needs.



Our Billing Specialist Victoria was always helpful and cheerful while remaining doggedly thorough with the tasks at hand. Flying blind when I first started that job, Victoria helped me digest the basics of Medicare and sub-insurance billing (which are very specific). What she does requires patience, persistence, a great memory for detail, and she delivers. There was many a Friday afternoon when I mentally high-fived Victoria and House Medical Billing Service LLC as I completed my work for the week Karena Mahony, Clinical Office Mgr. of Dr. Aram Mardian M.D. July 15, 2009
Victoria takes care of all of my insurance billing, follow-up, and problem solving regarding managed care, so I can focus on what is most important to me and that is serving my clients. MJ Klimenko, MFT, CHT" September 9, 2008
Willing to invest time in learning new Electronic Medical Records Practice Management System by Cerner. Keeping collections at 90% Kathryn M. Amacher, D.O. September 27, 2010
We are very lucky to have such an excellent service from you as a biller; not only fast and on time, but a terrific problem solver, and always on top of everything. Highly recommend, very dependable and resourceful! Dr. Harry Dassah MD and Dr. Norma Dassah MD 2013 More

Working for you, no matter where you are, Redding, Northern and Southern CA, Bay Area Counties and more...

House Medical Billing Service LLC is able to service your practice no matter where you are. Because the transfer of information is easily done via encrypted email, HIPAA secure fax, or by allowing secure access your own EMR system; you can still reap the benefits and savings to your practice's bottom line from anywhere in the United States.

House Medical Billing Service LLC will help you grow!

Since you will be able to focus more on patient care and rely on House Medical Billing Service LLC from Fairfield to get you paid, most practices report growth within the first year.