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San Francisco Professional Medical Billing Specialist; Credentialing and Contracting Services

House Medical Billing Service LLC

San Francisco Professional Medical Billing Specialist; Credentialing and Contracting Services

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Private-Pay Patient Claims Support

Private-pay patients may have trouble navigating their insurance options. House Medical Billing Service LLC is here to help.

We offer claims support to help your private-pay patients get reimbursed directly by their insurance provider. It's a chance for you to improve patient experiences and streamline the billing process. With our claims-filing support services, your patients can get the care they need without stressing about their coverage.

To learn more about our private-pay patient support services, call us at (530) 474-6094 today to book a consultation.


Improve Private-Pay Patient Experiences

Give private-pay patients a reason to choose your practice. Our claims support services improve patient experiences to help you set your practice apart. By minimizing the stress of paperwork, we help you focus solely on your patients' outcomes and well-being. We help you keep your patients safe and healthy, both physically and financially.

With our third-party claims support services, you can:

  • Improve patient outcomes and experiences
  • Reduce paperwork for staff and patients
  • Increase efficiency

We're happy to discuss our services with you in a no-obligation consultation, where you can learn about all the ways you can benefit. Contact us to book your consultation today.

Streamline Billing for All Your Patients

Your patients shouldn't have to worry about bills and costs. As a claims-filing specialist, we help your private-pay patients worry less about such matters when accessing health care. We streamline the billing process for all patients, whether publicly or privately insured, so that all can benefit from your services. Our private-pay services give your patients direct access to their insurance, ensuring they get the coverage they should.

Enhance Your Practice with House Medical Billing Service LLC

Billing is one of the most complex and costly parts of running a practice. Manage it more effectively with House Medical Billing Service LLC. Our claims support services can help you enhance efficiency by reducing the workload for private-pay patients. Our personalized billing solutions add immense value to your patient relationships, helping you stand out from your competitors while boosting your bottom line.

Private-Pay Patient Support

How It Works

When a private-pay patient accesses health care, they'll have to file a claim with their insurance provider. We make this process easier by filing the claim for them. We take the paperwork out of both your and patients' hands, streamlining the process so that everyone benefits. We make it simple and straightforward for your patients to get the care—and compensation—they deserve.

Our third-party claims support is a customer-oriented service that helps you add value to your health care services. By taking the paperwork out of your patients' hands and into ours, you can make your relationship solely focused on health and wellness. Take advantage.

For All Your Medical Billing Needs, Choose House Medical Billing Service LLC

Private-pay claims support is just the start of the way we add value to our clients' services. We offer a complete range of combined and customizable services to help you save time, reduce paperwork, and improve patient experiences. Take the stress out of payments, collections, and patient claims, and choose House Medical Billing Service LLC for all your billing needs.

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New Customer Special! Full Service Billing and Credentialing Package includes: Complete Software License to EMR Portal for Clinical Records, Assessment and Treatment Planning Patient Scheduling and Secure Text/Email Messaging Coming Soon! Patient Intake Portal to streamline the whole process and start treating patients quicker. Full Credentialing with all Insurance plans as needed (unlimited) Full Service Insurance and Private Pay Billing, Patient Payment Collections, Statements Call for your Quote Today: Fees quoted will include your One-Time Setup Fee, % rate for Insurance Billing, % rate for Private Pay Collections plus the monthly costs for the Software Licensing fees, Initial Insurance Enrollment and Unlimited Credentialing Maintenance. Our mission–Offer full service, customizable service at an affordable price so you can do what’s really important! We have helped numerous practices grow and thrive over the last 20 years and now we have improved on the systems that allow our customers to do so in an even more efficient and HIPAA Compliant manner.

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